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Ebby Juices

A drink to turn every moment into an expression of joy. The product name was developed based on an African girl named Ebby (The Founder) as she is a joyfull and a bubbly girl.

Simplicity, creating a delightful and witty packaging design that effortlessly mirrors the joy of sipping on these three delightful natural juices. These three juices in their glass bottle embody purity, health and deliciousness. Ebby is your grab and go solution for a healthy drink. Ebby juices are produced in Africa, made from 100% pure fruits and contain no additives, preservatives or sugar.

The visual identity brings the natural fruit, in all its freshness, with the support of vibrant colours. In order to emphasise the purity of Ebby line of products, we developed a simple and direct identity system. As the brand helps you nurture your body in depth, we opted for transparency in the design, by designing a clean and organic label, that gives room to its simple ingredients to shine. Ebby is portrayed as an playful, bubble – smile shaped character on each label. Accompanied by custom lettering following the same notion in form and fluidity, printed on white, the final label design is an ode to the content rather than an over-designed commercial packaging. As Ebby believes in the truth of real ingredients, we happily showcase them to the customers with this effective, simple and playful design solution.



 Brand Identity / Packaging 

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