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Livit  Co-living

Livit has a clear aspiration to be the first choice amongst customers looking for a new way of living – Co-Living. In the ever-expanding co-living market, the brief clarified the need to stand out and have a solid presence through brand identity.


The brand team was clear that a conceptual and visual graphic idea was needed to unify every touch-point. The Livit brand stands for community living which is the meeting of like-minded people and celebrating life together. The aim is also to provide quality and hassle-free living, safety and happiness. The new brand identity is about openness, dynamic and joyful experience and is flexible enough to work across platforms. It is strong and solid, represents a home-like structure, a nest, a comfort zone, smart joyous space. The smile accent was added to the logo to enhance the happiness quotient.


The logo also uniquely houses the tagline DON’T JUST SURVIVE on top of the Livit logo

unit - making the logo a complete communication piece by itself.


This tagline urges people to live a conscious life in quality living spaces, filled with authentic moments, consistent experiences, while building strong social bonds.    


The line collapses the entire brand argument in to a few words, while making a strong statement for upward mobility. The logo works in print, digital, motion and out-of-home in all sizes, scale and behaviour. Used in different sizes in different media, it will be a striking visual reminder of the brand.


Branding / Identity / Brand Voice / Brand Strategy / Social Media Launch

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