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Studio Metaverse

Studio Metaverse is a purpose-built Virtual Production and Mixed Reality Studio with bespoke LED stages and the latest real-time technologies (camera tracking, game engines, media servers) for delivering in-camera VFX (ICVFX) or x R (Extended Reality). Extending well beyond the professional film studio, it provides an ideal platform for filmmakers, cinematographers, directors, producers and creatives to shoot in-camera VFX using LED technology whilst exploring the technological landscape that’s revolutionizing the visual effects industry.


Lemon Yellow Design drew inspiration from Metaverse's brand vision of "Transforming the future of storytelling." We designed a new graphic language for Studio Metaverse that is confident, modern and that which befits an iconic player in the Mixed Reality universe..


We achieved this with thoughtful design that skips unnecessary design elements, focusing on

a stylized letter "M".  The letter forms a shape with sharp, angular lines that convey a sense of fluidity and wizardry. A visual metaphor, suggesting constant motion, moving forward and transformation. A virtual pattern that symbolizes the transformation from virtual world to reality. This pattern serves as the foundation of their visual identity and can be seen throughout the digital experience of the brand.


The brand will be an enabler, that appreciates the need for flexibility, openness, investment in boundless imagination, creativity and a readyness for the toughest challenges - conjuring real solutions that defy expectations.

Branding / Identity

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