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Peters Cafe & Bakery

Taking care of the development of corporate identity, including brand, packaging, advice and intervention in space for peters café and bakery, a new restaurant Café located in Mauritius. A local fast food gourmet version in a different space, where you can taste tasty burgers, salad, sandwiches, French fries cooked on the grill with fresh ingredients and high quality. A variety of Bakery products, both sweet and hearty, is complemented by a menu that includes dishes for a full healthy lunch, as well as an abundance of fragrant coffee. The creation of branding, we carry out a hand lettering with brush pen as well as personalized character of Peters on the products in order to better achieve our goal, create a genuine image, something roguish and rogue, with a premium touch in a vintage environment. The logo is a cute and friendly bearded fellow, which helps further reinforce this notion of approachability. The design appeals to both modern cafe culture and a fine dining experience.

Branding / Identity / Packaging

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