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Hind Film


The Hind Film Festival event wanted to become more inclusive, relatable, younger and more approachable to the local creative talents and entrepreneurs to excel in the field of films and fine arts, relieving them of the fear of being pushed aside by bigger platforms. 


The event team needed a new identity that was fun, dynamic, playful and was flexible enough to work across platforms. Appealing to the Hindi Heartland.


We began by creating an identity for the brand that would stand for passion, inspiration, enthusiasm and culture, but also something that the city could feel was their own.  


The Brand Identity Design uses film roll and dramatic lines, while spelling out

HIND FILM FESTIVAL in the traditional Devnagari Style and english font overlapping

each other,  making it relevant, relatable and memorable. 


(The event was postponed due to the global pandemic.)


Branding / Identity     

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